Risk Management & Security

security_diagram Data centers are host to large amounts of proprietary information: information that can turn into a liability if not managed properly. Regulatory requirements such as the PCI Data Security Standard, HIPAA and SOX treat assets and the data they house with equal concern. Not meeting these requirements with adequate controls exposes data centers and their users to risks. With the proper infrastructure in place to locate and manage all assets, AIM helps alleviate those risks, provide better data center infrastructure integration and manage growth and changes.

We have built Attend InfraManager (AIM) with your security concerns in mind. The Attend Systems team has founded two successful IT security companies in the past, so security comes naturally to us.

Attend InfraManager's System Alerts Provide Security

Screen Shot of Alerts Screen

Now, data center managers can receive an alert when anything moves in their data centers. AIM provides instant, customizable alerts.

Through an browser-based, flexible and intuitive user interface, data center managers can configure and customize a variety of AIM security alerts:

  • AIM rack data link anti-tamper alerts
  • AIM rack controller anti-tamper alerts
  • Re-location of entire racks
  • Asset added to rack alerts
  • Asset removed from rack alerts
  • Alerts when assets have been rearranged within racks or between racks

AIM Secure Software Architecture

Data and network security has become an important factor in business competitiveness. Maintaining a smooth running system requires a high level of security and a robust software structure. This is a challenge for many small and medium-sized businesses with limited IT personnel and budgets. AIM is cost effective and within the reach of smaller companies. Additionally, it is highly secure, because all processes within the entire Attend Systems framework communicate using widely adopted and generally accepted Secure Socket Layer (SLL) security technology.